OpenProducts to attend Indie Tech Summit

At the 4th of July we, Tor & PA, will attend the Indie Tech Summit where we will be showcasing OPI among other things. The summit is arranged to discuss “sustainable & ethical alternatives to corporate surveillance & launch the Indie Tech Manifesto” An environment where OPI and OpenProducts should …

New Private Cloud Devices Aim to Block Cyber Spies

Eric Brown lists OPI as a possible cloud replacement. Hi writes: “OPI has more levels of encryption than most, including Transport Layer Security (TLS) for communications. Other open source components include the Nginx web server, Dovecot IMAP server, Roundcube mail client, and Owncloud for contacts, calendar, and file sync. S3QL …

OPI passed 100% at Indiegogo

    We just reached 100% of our funding goal on Indiegogo! The campaign ends on Sunday, and until then you still have the possibility to get an OPI to campaign price of 105 USD!

OPI presented at Linux Action Show

      In episode 316 of Linux Action Show OPI got great coverage! This is also a great presentation on what OPI is all about. Please check it out at

Article in LinuxGizmos

    Private file and mail server gizmo runs Ubuntu “OpenProducts is prepping an Ubuntu-based private file and email server called OPI with LUKS-based microSD encryption, and optional USB or cloud backup.” LinuxGizmos has a nice write-up on OPI and our IGG campaign. LinuxGizmos is managed by Eric Brown and Rick …

OPI – under the hood

In this post I would like to talk a bit about the main design goals of OPI and the overall architecture mainly from a functional software perspective. What is ticking under the hood and why have we made the decisions we have taken. (Note however that even though we have …

Øresund Startups mention OPI

Yesterday Øresund Startups had a newsflash featuring OPI! Øresund Startups is a voluntarely driven organization that aims to improve collaboration in between entrepreneurs and to promote successfull startups in the Øresund region.