It is time for a sneak preview of “KEEP”, the successor to OPI.

We have tried to listen to you guys on what you want and what you missed on OPI. The first couple of boards are now up and running and we are spending as much time as we can to get all the software up and running.

So first of all some pictures, that always says more than a thousand words…

Top one is of the exterior of KEEP, it is a plastic cover with a black aluminum plate underneath, giving the unit a nice solid feel.

Bottom two are of the PCBA, and as you can see, there are two 2.5″ SATA disks, one on top and one on the bottom of the board.

For the connector part there is a GB Ethernet port and a USB3 port.

On the bottom there is also the CPU module, we now have a ARM A9 dual core running at 1.6GHz, and this combo does give a lot better performance, so compared with OPI it is a step up and a definite “must have”. 😉

The system is still running from an internal flash memory, so the disk is there only for user data.

Despite the possibility to put two disks into KEEP, we have been able to keep KEEP small, it only measures 135x130x30mm!

As we posted earlier, the main updates to the software is:

  • Updated distribution to be based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Debian Strech
  • Updated web applications such as:
    • Upgrading to Owncloud 9 / Nextcloud
    • Upgrading Roundcube to 1.2
  • New certificate options
    • Default we will move to Let’s Encrypt. This means that you will now get a green location bar and no questions and warnings about using a potentially dangerous certificate in the browser
    • Added option to supply a custom certificate to be used by the web server

So when can you get it? As I mentioned we do what we can, but we also have to put food on the table. So I can’t promise you anything, but I hope that we can get some units out to you guys before summer.



Worth noting is that the same software will be available for OPI, so you will not miss out on functionality, but of course KEEP will be faster and have more storage. So everybody obviously need to have one….

/PA & Tor




  1. Hi guys,

    GREAT news! Been checking in daily for news since Your last post (in sheer anticipation offcourse)

    And offcourse I need one – and that rather sooner than later;-)

    Damn nice CPU as well – i know it can take quite a beatin’ temp-wise which is likely needed with two disks in such small enclosure?

    What are Your memory- plans for the beauty? Please dont skimp on RAM to make the thing a ‘few bucks’ cheaper overall since it really does make a difference on the userexperience-level (if one begin to throw in extra-stuff/packages at least – unsopported offcourse) Will they handle up to 2GB? Perhaps making it an optional choice of either a 1 or 2GB version like on the Turris Omnia routers unless the logistics of it all makes it a no-go? Really looking forward to it. Well done guys!

    You mention both OwnCloud and NextCloud as if its optional or havent You settled on one or the other yet?

    Love that You stick with the lovely 80’s white plastic-design.

    Can hardly wait – so early Christmass is coming after all:-))))) Crossing fingers….

    Wish You luck as well as plenty food on Your tables;-)


    1. As we are currently using a CPU module, we are limited on what the supplier can offer in terms of RAM, and currently it is 1GB. But if they choose to offer a 2GB version, we might be able to do so as well.

      Regarding the heat, the bottom plate is made from aluminum for a reason… And there is a heat pad to transfer the heat to the plate from the CPU.



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