opi-contactsThe update promised around Easter is here. This is a rather large update which we have made available as an installer image as well.

Main features in the new release is support for doing a system restore from a backup and tighter integration between the webmail interface, Roundcube, and contact and identities used on OPI.

Complete release notes and information about the upgrade can be found in the announcements in our forum section.


Unfortunately our manual is really missing out on our love and attention, so if anyone would like to contribute we would love to get a pull request on the git repo for the manual



  1. Hi guys,
    Sorry to put this question in the 1.3 release section, but was highly curious whether an imminent version 1.4 is within sight just anytime soon? Almost 5 months have passed since last release and forum is VERY quiet… Perhaps thats just a good sign that all current owners are happy campers;-)) Are CVE updates being pushed silently on overnight updates or? I realize youre a small team but a little update on this topic now and then would be highly appreciated!
    Best, Kim.

    1. Hi Kim,
      We have the work for a 1.4 release ongoing now, but as you say we are a small company. I would not say that it is imminent, but not in a too far distance either. Unfortunately I can not commit to a date…

      Regarding CVE:s that apply to the system these updates are installed silently on the overnight updates just as you suggest, and not part of our version numbering.

  2. Ok- guess i was way off on my wishfull Christmas predictions:-))

    Close to a year has passed now since my last comment reg a future v1.4 release and at that time you mentioned that it was in the works and not too far off – patience is supposedly a virtue but its reaaaaally gettin’ streched by now;-)
    One important thing that really needs ‘fixing’ is the sha1 root-certificates. I know you said that they are fine on newer shipped devices but what about us with the original opi’s? And ownCloud ‘stuff’ is also gettin’ really ‘long in the tooth’ by now;-)…

    Dont take this the wrong way but a little update now and then would be highly appreciated…. thanks


  3. Hi Kim,

    First, regarding the certificate, if you change your opi-name to a temporary one, then change it back to your original opi-name, you will get a new certificate with a SHA-256 checksum.

    Regarding the release there are a number of factors that have contributed to the delays, one is that we due to cash flow issues have needed to take on a couple of external projects the other that while doing the upgrades we realized that we could not just upgrade the packages, especially owncloud. They have made updates that was not possible to bring into our system without a lot of work.

    We are working on this, but unfortunately it is not moving along as fast as we (or anyone else for that matter) would like it to do.


  4. Hi PA,
    Thanks for the quick ‘update’ – highly appreciated!
    The heads-up reg the certs is a good example of what i actually was after – some general info for us all to know, especially such important one – perhaps its buried somewhere in the forums already although i do scan these more or less daily for potential news/info:-) If so i do apologize…
    Thanks again and I hope very much your cash-flow issues gets solved – hope it wont affect the OPI-project in any worse ways? Crossing fingers for you guys. And us all;-)

  5. Hi Kim,

    As it is now, the only thing being affected is the rate of development, it significantly cuts back the time that we otherwise would have spent on developing OPI.



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