Easter… Typical April weather here up north, sunny and nice and warm. Then the sun hides behind a cloud, the wind picks up a bit and suddenly you are sitting freezing half to death.
Some of you have asked us what is going on with OPI, and I must admit that we have been very quite for a while. We had a hope that we could have delivered an update to OPI by easter, but unfortunately a nasty hard found bug set us back quite a bit. But with the bug found and corrected we are now again on track for a new release. There is still a lot of work to do, but now we are making progress again.

The upcoming release will include better integration of the web mail application, an example is that all contacts stored on OPI will be picked up by the address book in the web mail application. We have also been working hard on getting the restore functionality of OPI up and running. With the upcoming release it is finally possible to do a complete restore from the backup, including settings and all data.

As some of you might have noticed, we have also made some minor changes to our website and community site to make it a bit more readable, the old layout was a bit cramped and with a font that was a bit hard to read. We hope that you will find this change to be in the right direction.

I also found an interesting article on encryption that I think is worth reading, especially the part about the benefits of code being open source.


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  1. Hi guys,
    Thanks for this ‘heavyweighter’ of an update! Great job. Not to sound ungratefull (and yet i know somehow it then does;-)) but I was somewhat hopin’ for an implementation of one the talked about features in the prerelease/early days of the OPI, namely some kind of spamcontrol ie Spamassassin or similar – I realize that bug-hunting, security updates as well as finishing basic built-in functions (ie the all fundamental timeline/mirror backup) obviously takes priority but is there some kind of timeline on this? Again – thanks for the great job You’re continuously doing on this little baby!
    Best, Kim.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Sorry for the somewhat late reply.

      Our ambition is to provide a communications solution and personal information storage that is at least on pair with the “free” cloud solutions and this of course includes features such as spam management.

      In more detail, we are currently evaluating possible solutions for this such as spamassassin. The main issue here is to find a balance on resource usage on OPI and actually getting a solution that is usable.

      Regarding a timeline i am hesitant to make any promises. We are a small company, i.e. only me and PA, thus it does not take much to delay development. (As you might have noticed) The best i can currently say is, we are looking into it. Hopefully we will be able to get this and a lot of other essential features in place in a not to distant future.

      Finally if you have any suggestions, questions, or input on how you would like the spam management to work, don’t hesitate getting in touch!


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