We are happy to finally be able to officially release KEEP. Together with this, we have also made some major changes to the website as we also have launched The Kinguard Project, see the separate post about that.

With this new site, we have moved the community and forum to The Kinguard Project, and hopefully the new forum there as well as the wiki, can evolve with the help of the community. Direct support will of course still be provided by OpenProducts by email, and we will be certainly be active on The Kinguard Project as well.

The goal for The Kinguard Project is to be able to provide a software platform that can run on multiple platforms, totally independent of third parties providing any type of service.
While we are not quite there yet – the current software still needs activation codes from OpenProducts – that is the long term goal for the platform.

KEEP is a new hardware platform based on a much more powerful CPU and storage is now in internal 2.5″ disks instead of on an SD card which is the case for OPI. Also we have made a major upgrade to all the software, including moving from Ubuntu to Debian. This software will shortly be available also for OPI, the development is feature complete and we are currently in the process of fixing minor bugs.

If you are interested in KEEP, please check it out here, and if you already have an OPI and would like to move to KEEP, please send us an email to info@openproducts.com with your OPI activation code (or order ID), and we will provide a 15% discount for you.

So please help us spread the word, both about KEEP and about The Kingard Project!

/PA and Tor