OPI launched on Indiegogo

OPI launched on Indiegogo!


OpenProducts AB launches OpenProducts Information Hub, OPI for short. A palm sized device managing all your personal information. The launch starts with a 6 week campaign on Indiegogo to jumpstart production.

We have decided to use Indiegogo as a lauch platform in order to finance the first batch of units going to our customers. For us it is very important that we can let people know that we are on Indiegogo, so please help us out by spreading the word of our campaign. Share it on social media, talk to your friends about it or why not contribute.

The campaign is found here: http://igg.me/at/OPI

and the promotion video here: https://vimeo.com/92524490

Pressreleases can be downloaded in English or in Swedish.


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  2. Congrats, all well done!

    Would be great with a tiny bit more information on what’s in the box, how / where the data is encrypted and backed up.

    I’m also keen to understand how image upload/download/backup is solved and what phones/tablets can be used. Does all images have to go through the OPI? How will that work with adsl etc?


  3. Hi Martin,

    All user data is strored encrypted on the sd-card. The box is running linux on an TI AM3352, with 512MB DDR3 and 2GB flash for the system partition.
    We ship our app for android, but it should be possible to use with IOS as well as there are apps for IOS as well, but you would have to install a couple of them and set them up your self.
    You can set up your sync of pictures to only be active on wifi connections, so if you are in your local network you will not be affected by your adsl. But the sync is a background operation so you should not notice it.
    The backup is using s3ql, with basically mounts a remote encrypted filesystem over the network and keeps a timeline for you on the backup server.

    I hope this answers your questions, if not please feel free to ask more.


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