For the last 15 years PA and Tor has been building different sorts of embedded devices, working with everything from miniature devices (what about a small portable TV receiver, running Linux that measures 25x65mm) to mains connected devices.

Although only being two people, OpenProducts have the experience and the capability to help out where others fail.

A couple of examples:

  • A company came to us with a design where the software sporadically crashed. We took the challenge and quickly realized that it was not a software error, but rather an instability in the board itself. After investigation the root cause was found to be a DDR3 routing out of specification.
    We were contracted to make an updated design, and could on the finished boards prove that we indeed had solved the issue by running the exact same software on both the old and the new design where the crashes were present on the first but not the latter.
  • Another case is where a customer came to us with a tight deadline with software that crashed during setup of a wifi connection. We were able to isolate the problem and could within a couple of days from assignment start deliver a patch. Not to the actual source code, but to the makefile….
  • We have also been tasked with quite a number of reviews of both software and electronic designs. Due to our experience in the past with so many different types of systems, we can very easily understand the designs and are able to give relevant feedback with a very short startup period.

So if you are looking for help within embedded design, OpenProducts can help you every step of the way.

Contact us on and let us take it from there.